"Why should I get software from IT-NERD24?"

At it-nerd24 you can buy software licenses cheaply online and the choice is huge. Also, you benefit from an extensive offer and a first-class service. For those who are still hesitant, we have collected here ten important points that speak in favor of buying software licenses from it-nerd24.


1. Unbeatable prices for software licenses

The most important point first: at it-nerd24 you can buy your software licenses online at an unbeatable price. Please do a price comparison. In the end, you will surely come back to it-nerd24 because hardly any competitor offers licenses at such low prices. This way you save a lot of money. We achieve low prices through an intelligent purchasing policy and an efficient internal organization.


2. Large selection of licenses from different manufacturers

At it-nerd24 we offer you a very large selection of different licenses - from the server operating system for large companies to the official program for private users. Therefore, you will always find what you are looking for here and can equip your computer or your company's IT infrastructure with the appropriate licenses.


3. Real licenses at a bargain price

Some providers who offer software licenses at particularly low prices sell you fake products or used licenses. At it-nerd24 you will buy the software cheaply, but these are original licenses that are still completely unused. They are cheap because we buy unused licenses from retailers or industrial buyers who ultimately don't need them and have never used them.


4. Cheap combo packs available

Our low prices are made even cheaper by combined packs. This saves you twice when you buy your software. Particularly interesting are the packs that include the Windows operating system and the Office suite. This gives you a user-friendly and efficient operating system and many programs that make it easier for you to work with your computer.


5. Buy software as a download: inexpensive and practical

We do not sell software on physical media. CDs, DVDs, and similar data carriers are out of date. You can simply download the software from us. Therefore, you can install them just a few seconds after purchase. Also, there are no delivery costs and we can do without storage for the data carriers. This makes it possible to make the prices even cheaper. Besides this approach is environmentally friendly, as it does not create waste.


6. Competent advice helps with the selection

Many customers have great difficulty choosing a suitable software product. The offer is very diverse and the differences appear minimal at first glance.  At it-nerd24, however, we attach great importance to you buying the software that best meets your requirements. We take care of this with competent advice. You are welcome to contact our support by email, phone or via our contact form. Here you will find answers to your questions about software licenses.


7. Help with installation or application problems

If there is a problem with the installation or use of the software, we are also at your disposal. In this way, we ensure that the new software only brings useful functions and no stress.


8. Business customers enjoy special benefits

We not only offer our business customers particularly low prices, but also excellent service. You will receive assistance with the selection of the software and support with the installation and use. Also, we even offer you to take over the complete license management in your company to further relieve you.


9. Diverse payment methods

If you have chosen a new software, you should usually move quickly. To make the purchase as dynamic as possible, you have a lot of freedom in choosing the payment method. Directebanking, PayPal and Giropay enable a particularly quick payment of the invoice. You can also pay for the licenses in cash or by invoice.


10. The satisfaction guarantee from it-nerd24

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. We, therefore, offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products. This gives you a lot of security when buying your new software licenses.

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