"How do I install Windows 7?"

To install the Windows 7 operating system, you first have to burn the ISO file we provided to a DVD or create a bootable USB stick.

The instructions for creating the medium can be found here.

You must now change the boot order of your computer in the BIOS so that the system starts from the boot medium you have created and you can then start installing the operating system.

The BIOS can be accessed by pressing one of the following keys when the computer starts: Clear, F2, F12, F1, F8, ESC, F10. Make sure the media is listed first in the Boot Priority or Boot menu.

Important: Do not change any other settings in the BIOS. These can damage your system.


After a loading phase, the operating system begins with the installation. Set the installation language, the time and the keyboard in the desired language and click on Next.


To reinstall the operating system, you must select Custom (Advanced).


In the next window, select the hard drive on which the operating system is to be installed. Select the appropriate hard drive and click Next.

Important: If you already have an operating system on the computer, you can delete the existing data by clicking on "Delete" and install a new operating system. (This step will erase all data on the hard drive - consider backing it up first).


After selecting the hard drive, the installation of the operating system begins.

At this point, you have to enter your user profile including password, with which you want to log in to your new operating system.

Then continue with the setup process and complete the setup.


After a successful installation, you can use your new operating system.

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