"Information about Windows Server 2016"

The differences between the individual Server 2016 editions:


Server 2016 Essentials: Suitable for small businesses with basic requirements, limited virtualization options, CPU-based license model, no CALs required (limited to 25 users / 50 devices), CPU limit on 2 CPUs


Server 2016 Standard: Suitable for all companies with extended functions and low virtualization, 2 virtual machines, core-based license model, CALs required


Server 2016 DataCenter: Suitable for all companies with higher requirements and a large number of virtual instances, an unlimited number of virtual machines, core-based licensing, CALs required.


New license model with Windows Server 2016 Standard and DataCenter for the first time


In previous versions, both the Standard and Datacenter licenses were valid for two physical CPUs.


In the new license model, licensing has changed from a per-CPU model to a per-core model. It is assumed that a server has at least 8 cores per processor and at least two processors, i.e. 16 cores in total.


16 cores are therefore the minimum per server; at least 8 cores must be licensed per CPU. The license costs for servers with up to 4 processors and up to 8 cores remain the same.


Additional licenses must be purchased for better-equipped servers. The additional licenses are available in the form of 2-core additions. In addition, user/device CALs must be purchased. You can also buy these cheaply from us.

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